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Wysokowydajne włókno Dyneema jest idealne do fałów. W najlepszym przypadku, takielunek powinien rozciągać się jak najmniej, aby zapewnić maksymalną wydajność. W tym celu polecamy wybór wysokowydajnych lin dostępnych w naszym sklepie internetowym. Oferujemy szeroką gamę wysokiej jakości produktów Dyneema! Dzięki linom wykonanym z czystego, powlekanego włókna Dyneema, a także z rdzeniem Dyneema i osłoną poliestrową, możesz być pewien, że znajdziesz odpowiednią linę Dyneema dla swojego sprzętu. Chcesz dowiedzieć się więcej o linach żeglarskich Dyneema?

What is Dyneema?

This polyethylene material boasts incredibly high tensile strength - Compared to polyester rope, Dyneema is up to 5 times stronger. That's pretty strong! Dyneema also floats well and has strong UV resistance.

SVB tip:

When spliced, this type of rope material has a significantly higher breaking load than if it is knotted. Knotting Dyneema fibre decreases its breaking load by about 50%, therefore requiring it to be larger dimensioned.

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Just fill out the datasheet and send it back to us, we'll do the rest. We can do an eye splice to your Dyneema rope, for example!

What are the advantages of Dyneema for boats?

Dyneema, a modern material that makes sailing on regattas and races noticeably easier due to massive weight reductions! It's no surprise to see Dyneema used on regatta yachts as trimlines, reef lines and control lines. In terms of splice work Dyneema is very easy to work with, making rigging and splicing easier. With high tensile strength and the lowest stretch of all synthetic fibres, this material is a must-have for all sailors looking for high performance rope.

But does Dyneema have any disadvantages?

The only significant disadvantage is the rate at which the fibres in the rope stretch under constant load. This is known as "creep". A further disadvantage is that it is difficult to make a good knot with Dyneema.

It is not advised to knot Dyneema, as knotting significantly reduces strength and wear occurs much quicker. It's better not to do it as the material can quickly fray and absolute safety cannot be guaranteed in offshore or offroad applications.

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Where can I find Dyneema rope sold by the metre?

You want to buy quality Dyneema rope? In our online shop you will find exactly the right kind of professional rope that is perfect for you and your boat. Not sure what type of rope you need? Read our detailed yacht rope guide to help you decide and find what you need.

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